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Materials specially designed to prevent movements of goods in transit, mainly those issues during braking or acceleration.

They are suitable for road, sea, air or rail transport.

We have paper anti-slip (to place between the different layers of the pallet) and rubber anti-slip to place between the floor of the truck or container and the merchandise.

The ProSlip Rubber model is made of rubber and is ideal for road transport, but also very useful for securing cargo in maritime, air or rail transport.

All rubber anti-slips for truck transport distributed by J2 Servid have been approved and certified with practical and real tests and comply with the requirements of the German standards VDI 2700, on the safety of cargo in road transport.

The high-quality rubber anti-slip is ideal for securing the load from possible movement during transport. This model has a high coefficient of friction and can be reused during different loading and unloading processes, which represents economic savings.

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