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Tickelia, the all-in-one solution for business expense management!

It fully automates the entire company expense management process, from payment to automatic accounting with the ERP, through reporting, management of advances, travel and settlement.



Tickelia is a 360º solution for company expense management that fully automates the entire management process: from payment to automatic ERP accounting, through reporting, advance payment management, travel and settlement.

How does Tickelia work? Very easy! You just have to pay your business expense, take a photo of the ticket, and that’s it! The solution takes care of the rest. Furthermore, once the photo of the ticket is taken, you can get rid of the paper ticket thanks to the approval by the Tax Agency of multiple countries. In this way, mobile employees will be able to quickly manage the reporting of their company expenses, always maintaining control and visibility throughout the process.

Likewise, Tickelia has configurable smart company cards with limits and restrictions to increase control in expense management. These are available in both physical and virtual formats.

Tickelia allows you to integrate with any solution bidirectionally to maximize process automation and, thus, centralize all data and access it in real time.

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